JAC J3 – Animation

Just a variation of JAC J3. I did the Model/retopology from CATIA to Maya for Santa Transmedia Productions.

Mercedes-Benz – Russia

In this job I did a little help on modeling, texturing and shader of the plate for Romeu & Julieta studio. The advertisement was published by Mercedes-Benz from Russia.





Coming soon!!Coming

J3 – JAC Motors

In this Job I did the conversion from Catia to Maya and retopology for the two cars, J3 and J3 Turin. Finished by Santa Transmedia Productions. Shaders, lighting and rendering by Mica Cruz.

The final product was a 360° viewing on JAC Motors website. Click on the images to visit the J3 and J3 Turin pages.





Liga dos Fanáticos – RBS

In this job I did some assets modeling and texturing, for Santa Transmedia Productions + DM9Sul.
Director: Thiago Steka

RBS – Liga dos Fanáticos from Douglas Figueira on Vimeo.

Brahma Vuvuzela (Stadium Horn)

In this job I did some assets modeling and fabric simulations for Romeu & Julieta Studio.

Vuvuzela (2)Vuvuzela-(3)Vuvuzela-(5)Vuvuzela-(4) Vuvuzela-(6) Vuvuzela (1)

Johnson & Johnson’s Modeling

In this job I did all the products and stadium modeling, but the two cars. The rest of the work, including shading, lighting, render and post was did by Romeu & Julieta Studio. 

Click the image for large view.












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Dores Park Project – 3D Illustration


Some details of a work I helped produce recently, with some modeling, texturing and zBrush sculpting. The studio that I worked on this project was the very talented Romeu & Julieta, Porto Alegre/Brazil.

WIP: Skin Texture/Shader stage

 Just a low quality render for testing skin shader and texture on a character I am modeling…

Café Tainá – Castaway

Here I did the modelling, texturing, hair and shading for the two characters and the boat. OCA Animation.


Café Tainá – Castaway from Douglas Figueira on Vimeo.

Vivo – Samsung Galaxy SII

Here I did assets modelling and dynamic simulation for the icons scattering on the ground. For OCA Animation.


Vivo – Samsung Galaxy SII from Douglas Figueira on Vimeo.


Vivo – Ilimitado Manifesto from Douglas Figueira on Vimeo.

OMO – Vinheta Imbatível

My tasks here were modelling, texturing and some lighting. For OCA Animation.


OMO – Vinheta Imbatível from Douglas Figueira on Vimeo.

Casa & Vídeo – Explosion

In this job I did some assets modelling. For OCA Animation.


Casa & Vídeo – Explosion from Douglas Figueira on Vimeo.


Casa & Vídeo – Magician from Douglas Figueira on Vimeo.

Screenshots from Sublime Energy’s Video

Screenshot from video

Sreenshot from Sublime Energy's video

Just simple screenshots from two interesting frames in the Sublime Energy’s video.

Anatomy Study – Low Poly – WIP




Just a sight of a personal project I am working on. All I have done until now is low poly, in Maya, then I’ll do some work on zBrush.